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How to Set-up an Information Technology Infrastructure in an Organization

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Posted On : Thu Jan 10th,2019

Here we discuss how to set-up a successful IT infrastructure in an organization. When we talk about IT Infrastructure than it is understood that we are talking about all its components like software, hardware, networking, servers and other equipment, data storage etc. There are some basic fundamentals need to understand those will be very helpful to design a comprehensive IT solution for any company.


Easy and efficient way for getting exact information is to meet each and every departmental manager and ask them to brief you the complete business functionalities, duties about their department:

  •     Finance Department will brief about their daily accounting cycle, fortnight endings, monthly closings, year closings, Account Receivables & Payables, Income statements, balance sheet, budget, Bank transactions, Audit, Payroll system etc.
  •     The HR Department will brief about Employees hiring & firing, attendance reports, overtime calculations, Indemnities, employees performance evaluation, official circulars etc.
  •     Sales & Marketing Department will brief about daily sales activities, procedures, sales reports etc.
  •     Procurement department will emphasize on the inventory, accounts payable system and effective inventory management system.

Likewise, need to gather all the information from each and every department and once you get the sufficient information than you will be in a very good position to produce them a good concept of an IT system for their organization.


Service level agreement is a contract between the service provider and the client. It includes clauses such as the requirements of clients, description of services you are providing, what they expect you in terms of services provided, timelines of the services required, clauses for changes in the agreement, periodic reviews of the agreement, timely reporting. It can be a legally binding contract or an informal agreement subject to the understanding between you and your client.


While making of feasibility you should realize that the concept which you are going to produce is made in the context of following parameters those will be an attractive and fruitful for the customer’s requirement. Following factors should be included in a feasibility plan for IT infrastructure setup.

    Time saving

    Cost cutting

    More efficiency in work

    Increase sales and revenues

    Easy Accessing

    Enhanced MIS reports


    User friendly


Software Engineer:

Software engineer or programmer should always try to make software that accommodate the entire company’s information on one platform and it will be differentiated with limited access rights credentials of each user, i.e. Sales staff can see and work only its designated screen and will not be able to see the activities of other departments.

HR dept. can send general circulars, notifications to all the employees, etc. and likewise other departments can do the same. The Programmer should always be aware that entered data by the user keeps an importance and further all the reports should be generated through an automated system with the help of data integration.

Network Engineer:

Network engineers also an important factor who design a layout that how the data travels within a company, he should focus on a proper backup system of connectivity, LAN requirements, data and software security, local data center or to be hosted outsource like cloud base, email exchange server, firewall and proxy server etc. Instead of keeping more servers a better way to make a virtual server or virtualization in one machine.

Hardware Engineer:

Hardware engineer must be well informed that what types of hardware they require which will be more effective and should be well equipped with advance technology. Heavy duty servers, fast printers, advanced bio-metric attendance devices, help desk, call center, online meetings, well equipped conference room etc.

System Designer:

The Designer’s job always be a crucial because of it displays directly to people. He designs a corporate website, social media pages, app, online selling platform, B2B & B2C etc.

While demonstrating a concept, you should highlight all the parameters of system in details regarding the execution of data, MIS reports, marketing tools, customer relationship, advertising campaigns etc.


IT Infrastructure is one time investment concept and runs long years. Effective IT infrastructure planning to start your business enables you to apply new and emerging technologies to develop creative, cost-effective solutions to meet your business short- and long-term business goals.



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