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How to open an office supplies company

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Posted On : Tue Nov 01st,2016

An ultimate guide to starting an office supply store

What is an office?

An office is a place where a company conducts business operations like accounting, marketing, administration etc.

What are office supplies?

Office supplies are equipments used in offices to carry day to day operations such as bookkeeping, written communication, or data storage supplies etc.

How to Start an office supplies Business?

You can start your office supplies business as a retailer, wholesaler, importer or a manufacturer.

Who is a wholesaler?

A wholesaler is a middleman who buys the goods in huge quantity and provides to the retailer with profit.

Who is a retailer?

A retailer is a person who sells commodities or goods directly to consumers to earn a profit.


Who is an Importer?

An importer is a person who brings goods or services from foreign countries for further distribution and consumption in the domestic country.


Who is a manufacturer?

The manufacturer is the main source of the product that is providing goods both to wholesaler and retailer.


Steps to start an office supply business?

  • Choose business type such as sole proprietorship, partnership, Limited Liability Company or corporation.
  • Choose business status such as retailer, wholesaler, importer or a manufacturer or  with multiple combinations
  • Choose an appropriate location to start an office supplies business
  • Obtain license and permits as per state requirements and local authorities
  • Open a business account
  • Acquire necessary fixed asset such as furniture, delivery vans, marketing and admin office
  • Maintain inventory levels
  • Develop powerful website and mobile apps to promote, operate online


How to create a business plan to open a new office supplies business?

  • First of all, describe yourself with the business title
  • The next step is developing a marketing plan explaining how you will attract the customers
  • Manage your operations plan to describe how you will manage company’s day to day operations
  • Decide the location of your business
  • Finally, develop a financial plan to show exactly how you will manage income and expenses

Where to set up an office supply store?

The most important factor of any business is location. You must operate your office supply business in high-traffic areas such as major universities, office areas, and college campuses.


How to start an office supply business?

You can have either a physical store or an online store to sell your office supplies. You can offer your products to various offices like school, colleges, IT Companies etc. Most of the companies use multiple stationary items including printed names on stationary. You can provide the services of printing too. Once you decide which services and office supplies you want to provide, build a business plan and raise your capital to buy the stock. You need to spend on manpower, furniture, and registration too.


How to promote your office supply business?

Promotion is another factor to make your business successful. You need to target your customers with newspaper classifieds, magazine ads, and carrying PPC marketing. Create a website for your office supply business and offer online payment options too.

Most importantly you must have your own office supply website. Your website should include:

  • Necessary testimonials from clients.
  • Your past work, warranties and all details of your services must be on your business website.
  • You should also have product guide online  to show your client.

Considerations to brand your office supply store

  • Like other retailers or businesses, office supply business needs to build a special program to earn enhance customer loyalty.
  • Estimate the startup cost to run an office supply business
  • An office supply business incurs significant costs including legal document fees, inventory tracking software, point-of-sale system, and retail display fixtures.

The Author of this article is a M.Phil in English Literature

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