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Posted On : Sat Jan 19th,2019

Write A Business Plan To Start a Tobacco Shop: A business plan is a key to start a successful business which contains the business registration, licensing, zoning, federal, state, city and cash flow requirement.

Generally, the following registrations and licensing is required to open a tobacco shop.

  • Business name registration with the state or county if you are using a business name to advertise business such as DBA, Limited Liability Company or a Partnerships.
  • Some states require bonds for the security in order to obtain a cigarette and tobacco license.
  • Commercial location is always required, whether doing online or store front sales.
  • Vendor and sales tax license.
  • A permit from the county and zoning if selling through trucks.
  • Sales and use tax is required to obtain cigarettes and tobacco license unless it is not applicable in the state you are opening tobacco shop.
  • Building occupancy permit.
  • Distance from any religious or educational institution.
  • Obtain licenses from state, city and the county.
  • Generally, the county clerks office considers the best source to collect information to start a tobacco shop.

A business plan highlighting the Do's and Don’ts of the Tobacco Industry, cost/ benefit analysis, preliminary expenses for starting a business, your vision, mission and objectives should be prepared. You have to be more focused in your business plan regarding the products you are going to offer, your target audience, market survey, competitors, customer preferences and most importantly your cost. Your business plan should be supported by the research about laws and regulation governing the Tobacco industry, your target customers, preferred location and choice of products.

Starting a tobacco business can be a profitable venture for you if you are aware of the formalities, particularly legal formalities of the business and health concern. Right choice of the product offering along with the right choice of location can turn your business into a lucrative profitable venture. A tobacco company could become quite profitable, particularly one that focuses on the various preferences of its consumers, laws and regulations of the State where it operates and effective marketing strategies.

Where to Start From:

The first thing you have to decide is how and where you want to begin your new venture? You can either start as a Tobacco distributor or a retailer. Retail business in the tobacco industry is the most profitable one. There are lots of opportunities and exposure to this type of business. According to a survey, there are above 400,000 tobacco retailers (estimated) are in the US that includes sale of Tobacco products through supermarkets, pharmacies, departmental stores, fuel stations. Cost/ Benefit Analysis:

Smoking business is a highly profitable business depending upon the high markup subject to the variety of stock you are keeping at your shop. Analyze your costs to be incurred to the profit anticipated. Different types of costs include licensing costs, legal costs, staff costs (if any), safety equipment costs, etc.

Target Audience:

If you want to carry a high brand of tobacco, make sure you have enough elite demand for it. Select your audience carefully. Analyze your target audience requirements and preferences regarding their smoking choice. Similarly, if you choose an average income locality, choose your products wisely as they don’t tend to choose the high end Tobacco products.

Licensing Permit:

Proper licensing is a must to start a tobacco shop. Some states have strict regulations regarding tobacco business. Make sure you comply with your respective state laws and regulation when opening a Tobacco shop. Obtain a Tobacco license as well with the Business license as it is a must requirement in any state for operating a Tobacco business. There are different type of licenses may be obtained to start a tobacco shop such as cigarette license, tobacco license and s cigar license.

Research on Laws and Regulations:

Tobacco products are strictly monitored and regulated. It is prohibited to sell Tobacco products to a minor in the US. Several regulatory authorities like Food & Drug Administration Authority (FDA), Alcohol & Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, Tobacco Control Act place requirements and restrictions on Tobacco products that are offered for sale to consumers in the United States.

Food & Drug Administration Authority (FDA) has started regulating Tobacco business in 2010. FDA requires any new products to be disclosed to it before introducing into the market. The law requires that the manufacturer disclose information to the FDA regarding the ingredients, constituents and nicotine level. It also requires all Tobacco business to submit documents relating to the health effects of the product or its ingredients and constituents.

Do a thorough research on the laws and regulations for the Tobacco industry that prevail in your state in order to avoid any penalties and fines.

Select a Location:

Choose location wisely as it is an extremely important step of establishing your business. A stop over point, or where other shops are located and gets a lot of passersby could be an ideal solution. Scout your neighborhood areas to see if there is any demand of a tobacco shop.

Choose B/w Products:

Deliver a wide range of products. Focus on the more profitable options. Price disparities between cigarettes and other tobacco products may encourage consumers to experiment with or switch to non-cigarette tobacco products. Listen to your customer as he is the one who tells you about his choice and how much he wants to spend on the product you are offering.

Market your products:

An effective marketing strategy will help your business running. Local marketing can play an important role for your business. Market what you are selling in your store through newspapers, radio, Internet or brochures. Advertise what you are offering and what different varieties you have locally or though the internet.

Statistics and Data:

  • The United States is the world's leading tobacco exporter and importer and the second largest tobacco producer after China.
  • The American Council for Drug Education estimates that 47 Million Americans use tobacco. About 249 billion cigarettes were sold in the United States in 2017.
  • Estimated revenue from the Tobacco Industry is half a trillion US dollar in 2017.
  • As per a government survey, around $ 80 billion are spent on tobacco every year.
  • In the year 2017, the U.S. market for tobacco reached around 120 billion U.S. dollars, with an increase expected in 2018.

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