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How to Open a Barber Shop

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Posted On : Tue Oct 18th,2016

A Comprehensive Guide to Starting a Barber Shop

What is a barber shop?

Barbershop is defined as where people go for a haircut and shave.


How to open a barber shop business?

To open a barbershop business, you need to get all equipment, necessary training, and legal license and permits as:

  • It is considered a simple and non complex business and most business owners register it as a sole proprietorship, although it is not required, and you can also file it as a Corporation or an LLC.
  • It is considered a taxable business in most states and you should apply to the sales tax, registration, if it is applicable in your state.
  • Business License is also required to operate a barber shop, and you can contact for your county, state or a private consultant to get it for you.

What services you can offer in a barber shop business?

The initial purpose of a barbershop business is to provide hair cutting services but you can offer additional services like; waxing, manicure, and pedicure.


What are the legal conditions to open a new barber shop business in the USA?

The legal conditions may include:

  • Electric and plumbing standards
  • Equipment
  • Shop size

What is the necessary equipment to open barber shop business?

The necessary equipment and supplies include:

  • Reception Disk
  • Styling chairs
  • Containers for disinfectant
  • Hood dryers
  • Cabinets
  • Booster seats for kids
  • Floor mats etc

What skills a competent barber should have?

A professional barber should possess the modern cutting techniques, Moustache and beard trimming, clipper work, coloring, and style finishing techniques.


How can you stand out in the barber shop business?

Good Customer service is a key, but If you are providing extension services with your main services, then you can easily attract your customers.


What should be the business plan to open a new barber shop business?

Your business plan should include the following points:

  • Set startup costs
  • Advertising costs
  • Set competitive prices
  • Staff requirements

What are the safety requirements to run a barber shop?

You need to meet the given requirements:

  • Equip your barber shop with all necessary equipment
  • Meet all public safety requirements
  • Contact to health department for a proper inspection
  • Meet the sanitation regulations

What kind of barbers should you hire in a barber shop?

Hire licensed and well-groomed barbers. Ensure a dress code policy for a positive image of your business.

What is a master barber license?

Master barber license is issued to the shop managers. They have to complete a training and assessment program to check their skills either they are qualified for the license.


What are the state board requirements to operate a barber shop business?

The state board often works with the public health department. Yu may contact to your local board for the necessary requirements. Some of are:

  • Barber shop owner application
  • Proof of ownership
  • You are a licensed barber
  • You are meeting all safety measures


Create a Website

You can consider creating a website for:

  • Customers can choose the hair style from your site before coming
  • They can schedule in advance to reduce the waiting period.
  • They can find your shop online, if you are in the same area.

The Author of this article is a M.Phil in English Literature

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