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How to merger company in Texas

A complete guide to learn about a merger of two companies in the state of Texas
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Category : > Merger or Consolidate Your Business
Posted On : Sat Mar 11th,2017

A complete guide to learn about a merger of two companies in the state of Texas

 What is certificate of merger in Texas?

The certificate of merger might be utilized to impact a merger of a parent association with an auxiliary association when the parent association is to survive the merger. In company mergers, one company survives while the other die.

Does a domestic entity merge without owner’s consent?

A domestic entity may not merge if a proprietor or individual from that element that is a gathering to the merger will, accordingly of the merger, get to be distinctly subject to proprietor risk, without that proprietor's or part's assent, for risk or other commitment of some other individual.

 How a Parent organization merge with subsidiary organization?

A parent organization that possesses not less than 90 percent of the extraordinary proprietorship or participation interests of each class and arrangement of each of at least one auxiliary associations may merge with at least one of the backup associations if:

  •  No less than one of the parties of merger is a local substance and each other gathering is a residential element or another non-code association that is composed under the laws of a jurisdiction that grants a merger of the sort approved.
  •  None of the subsidiary organizations is a Texas partnership.
  •  The subsequent organization or organizations are the parent association, at least one existing backup associations, or at least one new associations.

How a merger approves?

The merger is affirmed by a determination received by the Texas secretary of state of the parent association, at the point when the parent association is to survive the merger.

 Parties to the Merger:

The certificate of merger must express the name of the parent organization, the name of every auxiliary organization that is a gathering to the merger, the jurisdiction of formation of every organization, and the quantity of exceptional proprietorship interests of each class or arrangement of each backup organization and the number or rate of each class or arrangement possessed by the parent organization. It is recommended that the file number assigned by the secretary of state to each domestic or foreign filing entity that is a party to the merger be provided to assist dispensation of the document.

Resolution of Merger:

The declaration of merger must incorporate an announcement that the determination of merger has been affirmed as required by the laws of the locale of arrangement of the parent association and by its overseeing reports. The testament of merger must incorporate the date of the reception of the determination of merger by the representing expert and a duplicate of the determination of merger.

A resolution of merger must illustrate:

I. The essential terms of the merger, which must incorporate the data required byTexas Business Organizations Code, if applicable.

II. The organizations that are a party to the merger.

III. The organizations that survive or that are to be made by the merger.


If the resolution of merger approves the making of at least one organization, the certificate of merger ought to incorporate the name of the organization, the jurisdiction of its arrangement and the hierarchical type of the new association.

Organizations formed by Merger:

 In the event that the merger is to bring about the formation of at least one new organizations, the declaration of merger must incorporate the recognizable proof of every residential element or non-code organization that will be made by the arrangement of merger. The identification must include:

The lawful name of the entity, which must incorporate a proper hierarchical assignment; the name of the jurisdiction in which each new organization is to be consolidated or composed; a portrayal of the authoritative type of each new organization (e.g., for-profit corporation, limited partnership,etc.); and the main place of business of the new organization. Moreover, the testament of merger must express that the authentication of arrangement of each new recording substance is being documented with the endorsement of merger.

Effectiveness of Filing:

A certificate of merger gets to be distinctly successful when acknowledged and recorded by the secretary of state. However, as per Texas Business Organizations Code the effectiveness of the instrument might be deferred to a date not more than ninety (90) days from the date the instrument is signed. The effectivness of the instrument likewise might be deferred on the event of a future occasion or actuality, other than the progression of time.

Tax Certificate: 

The secretary of state may not acknowledge a certificate of merger for recording if the required business taxes have not been paid. The certificate of merger must be attached by a certification of account status from the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts showing that all taxes have been paid and that the non-surviving party to the merger may legitimately end its existence in Texas.

How to implement Merger?

 An authorized person such as an officer or an executive of the parent organization must sign the certificate of merger and notarized.

How much is the filing fee to file a m erger in the state of Texas

The filing fee is $300.00 to file a merger in the state of Texas for a domestic entity and you can pay it electronically by using any major credit card.




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