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How to Get Tobacco License in Florida

An ultimate guide to obtain a Retail Cigarette and Tobacco License in Florida
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Category : > Retail cigarette & Tobacco License
Posted On : Sun Jan 08th,2017

An ultimate guide to obtain a Retail Cigarette and Tobacco License in Florida

Who needs to apply for a Cigarette and Tobacco Permit in the state of Florida?

  • Every retailer is engaged selling tobacco products is responsible to apply for a cigarette and tobacco permit from the state of Florida DBPR (State of Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation).
  • You should also hold a tobacco permit to purchase tobacco products from the suppliers.

What information you have to provide in order to obtain Florida Cigarette License?

  • Business name registration, if using a business name to promote in Florida.
  • Sales and Use Tax Florida to sell tobacco products.
  • Fill out form ABT-6028
  • Florida tobacco license, state filing fee is $50.00
  • The department will check your Background before issuing you a cigarette license and the application must be signed and notarized by all the company owners.
  • An applicant for a tobacco permit must submit fingerprints at least five days prior to submit tobacco license application.

How long does DBPR take to process a tobacco permit application?

It generally takes three weeks to process your application.

How often do you have to renew cigarette and tobacco license in Florida?

A Florida tobacco permit must be renewed annually.

Responsibilities of Florida tobacco license holder

  • A Florida tobacco license must be posted and displayed at the business location.
  • Must renew a tobacco permit on or before the due date.
  • Retail tobacco permit of Florida cannot be used to import, export or manufacturing tobacco products.
  • A retail license holder must not sell cigarette to an underage person and must check a valid id to sell cigarette if felt suspicious.


Do you need a tobacco license to sell Font Leaves?

Yes, tobacco license is secured in the state of Florida to sell Font Leaves.

Selling tobacco products from home in Florida

The state of Florida does issue a tobacco license at the home address provided it is sold online through a website rather than home.


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Comments (15)
Jose Diaz   wrote on : Mon Jul 02nd,2018
I want to sell tobacco pipes online only (not a brick and mortar locale). It is a sole proprietor home based business. Is the business location (my home) going to be subjected to law enforcement or any other government agency inspections as part of the permit application process or at any time after being granted a permit? Thank you for your reply.      View Detail
Reply :
Generally, it is required to acquire licenses such as sales and use tax and retail tobacco license in order to sell either online or from the storefront.

We need a complete location address in order to provide complete information.

roosevelt d.   wrote on : Fri Aug 17th,2018
Hi, I am interested in starting up a mobile hookah business?? What license would I need to begin? In addition, what services do you company offer & what is the cost associated with those services??      View Detail
Reply :

How To Open A Hookah Mobile Shop In Florida?

The state of Florida does not separately regulate Hookah, Shisha  and Tobacco Flavored Products separately from the tobacco products.

To start a Hookah business in Florida, the license and permits apply with the state and local counties.

For Example, if you want to start Hookah Shop in Miami-Dade County;

Step One - Register Business with Sunbiz:

If you are a first time retailer, you need to register a business name for your Hookah business with the Florida secretary of state by filing documents and forms as required by the Secretary of State. You can choose any business form (i.e. sole proprietorship, LLC, Corporation or partnership depending upon your business requirements.

Step Two - Obtain license for the Hookah Shop

  • FL State Tobacco & Cigarette License: $50.00
  • Miami-Dade Local Mobile Tax Receipt: 75.00

Herman Carter   wrote on : Thu Sep 06th,2018
Hello, I am interested in starting up a mobile cigar business? What license would I need to begin?      View Detail
Reply :
You need to apply for a retail cigarette and tobacco license along with the sales and use tax permit.

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