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How to Form a Colorado Corporation

Important Thing to Know Before Registration of a Corporation Online in Colorado
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Posted On : Sun Nov 06th,2016

Important Thing to Know Before Registration of a Corporation Online in Colorado

How to register a business name as a corporation in Colorado?

What is Colorado Corporation?

A legal business entity chartered by the Colorado state to have the liability of its members limited to the extent of their share in investment. Colorado Corporation has artificial judicial person status in the eye of law, which can sue or be sued by its own name.

Where to file a Colorado Corporation?

Business Division of Secretary of the Colorado State’s office is the authority to register a business in Colorado. You have to file with Business Division of Secretary of state to register a corporation online.

How to Start a Colorado Corporation?

Colorado State only accepts online filling and they have left the practice to receive business filling by mail or counter service.

Selecting Corporation Name

Selecting a name for Colorado Corporation is very wise decision and have legal implications, we strongly recommend you to consult your legal advisor or CPA. You can reserve a name with the Secretary of State before filing business entity documents. Name reservations are valid for 120 days. Corporation’s name is required to include the term or abbreviation “corporation”, “incorporated”, “company”, “limited”, “corp.”, “inc.”, “co.” or “ltd.

Principal Address of Colorado Corporation

The principal address should be the complete street address located within the jurisdiction of Colorado State where service of process or any other correspondence may be personally served on registered agent during the normal business hours. It may differ from the principal place of the corporation.

Registered agent for Colorado Corporation

No corporation can be formed in Colorado without appointing a registered agent for the Colorado Corporation. It may be an individual natural person or any other entity. The corporation cannot act as its own registered agent. Further, the consent of registered agent is mandatory either in written or electronically to be serve as an agent.

Authorized Shares for Colorado Corporation

Shares can be classified into common and preferred class, Common shares have unlimited voting rights and are entitled to receive the net assets of the corporation upon dissolution, While preferred shares have not such rights. It is recommended to consult with your consultant or CPA before deciding the share structure.

Incorporator (s) for Colorado Corporation

Articles of incorporation for Colorado stated require to at least one individual or entity should be an incorporate. You have to specify complete name and mailing address for each incorporate.

Additional Information

If you have more than one class of share then you have to provide such information in the form of attachments. Similarly if you have more than one incorporator then you have to provide name and addresses of all incorporators in the form of attachment in additional information.

Delayed effective date

You may choose any date up to 90 days for the effective date of filling.

Filer of Colorado Corporation

You have to provide complete name of the person to file and receive filling confirmation and details. You may add more than one person.

Estimated time to incorporate in Colorado

It is one working day

Where to go for other legal requirements

  • Internal Revenue Service for Federal Taxpayer identification number
  • Colorado Department of Revenue for state taxation
  • Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies for State licenses and permit
  • Relevant local offices of cities and counties for zoning and other licenses

Bylaws for Colorado Corporation

Bylaws should be clear and precise. You may draft from a legal consultant or CPA. Simply bylaws include all about the internal process of the corporation you can draft bye-laws by including all internal policies and procedures. Bylaws are an internal corporate document. Bylaws are not filed with the state.

Register a Trade Name under Colorado Corporation

A trade name is a name of any entity other than its true name under which the entity is authorized to transact business or conduct activities. Sometimes a trade name is referred to as a “doing business as” or “DBA” name.  As of May 30, 2006, statutory changes require that all trade names be filed with the Colorado Secretary of State. This change created a single filing office for trade name documents in Colorado. A Statement of Trade Name can be be filed online.

Certificate of good standing Colorado

Some time some financial institutions or other entities require you to provide a certificate of Good Standing. A "Good Standing" status with the Colorado Secretary of State's office means that the entity has filed the required Periodic Reports and maintained the information required by the Colorado Revised Statutes.

Colorado Periodic report

The Periodic Report is due during the three-month period beginning with the first day of the entity’s anniversary month of formation, also referred to as the Periodic Report Month. Submitting a Periodic Report allows an entity to update the current name and address of its registered agent and its principal office address, which helps ensure current information is available to the public. Submitting the Periodic Report also maintains the “Good Standing” of the entity with the Secretary of State.

Apostilles and Authentications of Colorado Corporation

An authentication or legalization, sometimes called an Apostilles, is needed for documents that you plan to use in a foreign country.

Conversion into S corporation for tax purpose

If the corporation wants to elect S corporation status for tax purposes, it must submit Form 2553 to internal revenue service (IRS).

Reinstate a Colorado Corporation

A dissolved entity can file for reinstatement at any time by filing Articles of Reinstatement. However, any trade names held by the entity prior to dissolution will not be reinstated. A new Statement of Trade Name will need to be filed for each trade name that is being used by the entity.


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