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How Does A Reseller Start Business on Amazon

Step By Step Guidelines For A Reseller Program To Start A Business On A Market-Place Not Limited To Amazon and Walmart!
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Posted On : Sat Mar 21st,2020

Step By Step Guidelines For A Reseller Program To Start A Business On A Market-Place Not Limited To Amazon and Walmart!

What is a marketplace?


A marketplace is an online portal where a retailer, manufacturer, wholesaler and a reseller offer different products for consumers to buy online.


Amazon and Walmart Reseller Programs:

Amazon and Walmart are examples of marketplaces where a reseller posts different items on a wall for users to buy.


How does a reseller program work on a marketplace?


I will share the following steps to start and maintain business on different market places.

Generally, every person or a company provides the following information for each market- place separately at the time of Sign Up to sell goods as retailer, reseller, distributor or as a manufacturer.


Each marketplace charges a monthly fee to use an online portal like Amazon professional package is $39.99 whereas Walmart does not have any monthly fee.


  1. Store Name is provided which you will use to create a store at  a marketplace. A business name must be registered with the secretary of state or county.
  2. Complete legal name of the store owner along with the address, email address and telephone number.
  3. Business license and sales and use tax permit of the state where the business is registered and conducting business.
  4. Debit or Credit Card Information and Bank Information including account number, routing number and the complete business address.
  5. Bank statement and a utility or internet bill to verify the address.
  6. Passport or a driving license copy.


It generally takes one or two days to approve or ask if any additional information is required.


Step One To Start Business in a Marketplace:


A reseller chooses one or more categories to sale products such as cleaning items or natural supplements.


Step Two To Start Business on a Marketplace:


Find suppliers or the manufacturers to buy products to post on the wall. A reseller is not required to buy or store the inventory, rather a reseller has the following two choices:


i) Pay the supplier later:


May payment to the supplier after receiving an order. A supplier may ask for an immediate payment before shipping to a customer or provide a facility to pay later.


ii) Store products to deliver on demand:


Both the options have advantages and disadvantages. A reseller has to make sure the supplier has an inventory available with options to avoid violation of a marketplace account, whereas in the option one you have a control of the inventory and you can earn more profit.


Step Three To Start Business on a Marketplace:


Create personal profile, shipping and handling policies and the other terms and conditions.


Step Four To Start Business on a Marketplace:


List products on the wall along with images, title, description and keywords to invite potential clients to buy products. A professionally optimized campaign increases sale.


What is an estimated time start sale on any marketplace?


Based on our experience, it normally takes three to four months to start sale on a market place.


How can a Non-US-Resident sign up for a market place?


A Non-US resident who is not physically present in the United States engages with a local person to start whereas a Non-US-Resident who is residing in the USA is not required to engage a local person regardless of the residency status.


What are the downsides to start a business on a Marketplace?


  1. Charge back from a customer.
  2. A market place may close an account permanently due to a violation of the terms and conditions.
  3. It is highly recommended to maintain your own store too, to cover such uncertainties.
  4. A bad review may lead to a decline in sales.Advantages to start a business on the market places:


Advantages to start a business on the market places:


  1. It is an instant start for a business.
  2. A significant investment is not required.
  3. It can be managed remotely from anywhere.
  4. Get goods from the different suppliers instantly.
  5. A marketplace connects you with a buyer instantly.


Reason for deactivation, suspension of the Amazon Seller's Account?

There are many reasons for the suspension and deactivation of the Amazon's account and we will share a few of them for your reference:

  1. A conflict between the information which is provided to the Amazon to sign up the account deactivates and suspends accounts temporarily.
  2. The items were not delivered to the customer without sharing any reasonable reason for not delivering.
  3. Open a new account after the suspension rather than resolving the issue through an appeal to the Amazon.

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