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Filing S Corporation Election

To get S-Corporation Status you must file the elections
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Category : > S Corporaiton Election
Posted On : Sat Jan 15th,2011

To get S-Corporation Status you must file the elections

To get an S-Corporation status you are required to file an election with the Internal Revenue Services and States if applicable. The above mentioned agencies must approve the election to operate as an S-Corporation.


The following states are required to file state elections also along with the federal to obtan S Corporation filing status.


  1. State of Arizona
  2. State of Arkansas (Require)
  3. State of New Jersey (Require)
  4. State of New York (Require
  5. State of Tennessee-'S-corporation' is a tax term. If a charter is filed for a corporation, the filing must be recorded with the register of deeds in the county of the location of the entity.
  6. State of Oregon- require only the Articles of Incorporation to be filed with our division.
  7. State of OH-Require
  8. State of PA-Not required
  9. State of TN-Not Required
  10. State of Virginia-Not Required
  11. State of Colorado-Our understanding is that an S-Corporation is a federal designation and this status is not required to be filed with the Secretary of State.
  12. State of Oregon- require only the Articles of Incorporation to be filed with our division.
  13. State of Kentucky-office would not recognize an entity as a S corporation but instead would only record it a profit or non-profit corporation. I would assume the S corporation would file that documentation with the Kentucky Department of Revenue when setting up tax numbers and etc.
  14. State of North Dakota-Not Applicable
  15. State of Michigan-Not Applicable
  16. State of Maryland-Not Applicable
  17. State of North Carolina-There is no form that needs to be filed  to form a S-Corporation. The Articles of Incorporation will register any Corporation, regardless if it is a C-corp or S-corp. State pf North Carolina does not differentiate between the two.
  18. State of Missouri-Not Allowed
  19. State of Utah-Not Applicable
  20. State of Oklahoma-Not Applicable
  21. State of South Carolina-Not Applicable
  22. State of TX-Not Applicable
  23. State of FL-Not Applicable
  24. State of IL-Not Applicable
  25. State of MA-Not Applicable
  26. State of Connecticut-Nont applicable
  27. State of Delaware-Nont applicable

S Corporation elections can be filed by the US Citizens or Residents only!


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