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Apply Tobacco License in Georgia

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Category : > Retail cigarette & Tobacco License
Posted On : Sun Aug 21st,2016

How to Apply for Tobacco License in Georgia?

What is a Georgia Tobacco Licensing?

A tobacco permit in the state of Georgia is required  in order to sell any tobacco products in-the-state  and out-of-state Georgia.

 Who issues, a tobacco permit in the state of Georgia?

The department of revenue Georgia issues different types of tobacco permits to sell tobacco products from the state of Georgia which are described below.

Tobacco Manufacturer License Georgia to sell within the State:

This license is acquired to start the manufacturing of  tobacco products in the state of Georgia. It requires following documents to be submitted to the state of Georgia to get a manufacturing license along with the original application.

  1. An annual registration form from the secretary of state Georgia, which provides the current record of the entity status, management structure, current business and mailing address and registered agent address. The Georgia entity must be in good standing in order to apply the manufacturing license for the state of Georgia.
  2. List of tobacco products which are to be manufactured in the state of Georgia.
  3. A Georgia local business license, which is obtained from the county.
  4. A copy of the lease and deed of the warehouse where the tobacco products will be stored.
  5. Submit a financial affidavit which contains the financial position of the applicant applying for the GA tobacco manufacturing license.

What is the tobacco manufacturing license fee?

Georgia Tobacco Manufacturer License fee is $ 250.00.

Tobacco Retailer License Georgia Within the State:

Every retailer who wants to sell cigarettes from the store front to the end-user is required to obtain retail tobacco license.

Who issues retailer license, Georgia?

The department of revenue issues a retailer tobacco license to sell cigarette within the Georgia. It is applied online.

What is the requirement to get a Georgia Retailer Tobacco License?

The retailer tobacco license application is submitted to the department of revenue Georgia along with sales and use tax license number of Georgia, citizen verification form, photo ID and driving license.

What is the state filing fee to acquire retailer cigarette license Georgia?

Georgia Tobacco Retailer license fee is $15.00

What is the state of GA processing time to issue a retailer license Georgia?

Generally, the state of Georgia issues the retailer cigarette license within 5-7 working days.

Tobacco Wholesales and Distributor License Georgia:

The Georgia distributor license is acquired to sell tobacco products to the retailers.

What is the requirement to obtain a tobacco distributor, wholesale, and import license, Georgia to sell within the state of GA?

The following documents are submitted to the department of revenue Georgia to get the wholesale license within the state.

  1. Submit application ATT-17
  2. Annual registration form
  3. Local business license
  4. Tobacco distributor stamp bond
  5. Financial Affidavit
  6. Cigar and Cigarette distributor license performance and liability bond. The fee of the bond is $5000.00 and for renewal applications is $1,000 or 1% of the gross tobacco sales (whichever is more).
  7. Citizenship affidavit
  8. Photo ID

What is the fee to obtain GA tobacco wholesale license?

Georgia Tobacco Wholesaler and Distributor License Fee is $250.00 which is payable to the department of revenue Georgia.

Out of state manufacturing, import and the distributor licenses are also obtained from the GA Department of Revenue.


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