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Apply for Wisconsin Sales and Use Tax Permit

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Posted On : Wed Dec 14th,2016

An ultimate guide to permits to start business in Wisconsin

What is a Seller's Permit Wisconsin?

All businesses and individuals who are selling taxable items and performing taxable services in the state of Wisconsin are required to get a seller's permit Wisconsin.

What are the taxable items and services in the state of Wisconsin which are subject to charge sales and use tax?

Sales tax in the state of Wisconsin is charged on any taxable retail sales, leases, rentals of tangible personal property and taxable services which are listed on the state of Wisconsin department of revenue website.

Whom does the state of Wisconsin issue a sales and use tax license?

The department of revenue Wisconsin issues a sales and use tax license to the vendors who want to sell taxable products and services within the state of Wisconsin. However, the State of Wisconsin does not issue a sales tax license to wholesalers, manufacturers and other businesses which are not making direct retail sales of tangible property or taxable services in the state of Wisconsin.

Short event organizers are also required to apply for a sales and use tax certificate to participate in fairs, festivals and exhibitions.

Is state of Wisconsin a part of the streamline resolution?

Yes, the state of Wisconsin is part of the streamline sales tax permit which is recognized as a nationwide sales tax permit though it is limited to the 24 states.

What is a Consumer's Use Tax Certificate Wisconsin?

Every business in the state of Wisconsin is required to register for a consumer's use tax certificate with the Wisconsin Department of revenue, which regularly buys or leases taxable property or services for storage, use, or consumption in the state of Wisconsin.

Use tax Wisconsin is applied to out of state purchases and for local buyers who do not pay sales tax on the taxable items in the state of Wisconsin.

Sales and use tax are also recognized a withholding tax, which is collected from a buyer to pay back to the Department of Revenue Wisconsin. Sales and Use Tax Wisconsin are added to the gross amount which is charged to the customer.

Use tax is introduced to stop an unfair competition from the out of state retailers.

Out-of-state retailers who have a physical presence (nexus) in the state of Wisconsin may, subject to register and collect Wisconsin sale and use tax.

 How to Apply Seller's Permit Wisconsin?

Sales and Use Tax permit of Wisconsin is applied electronically on the Wisconsin.Gov website.

Wisconsin department of revenue is generally processed a sales and use tax application same day unless there is a deficiency in the application. The sales and use tax number is sent in an email whereas, the original sales tax certificate is sent by mail which normally takes 7-10 working days.

Taxable sales can be conducted once WI department of revenue issues a sales tax number. State of Wisconsin sends an original sales tax certificate in the mail.

State of Wisconsin filing fee is $20.00 to issue a seller's permit.

Wisconsin department of revenue does not allow to transfer seller's permit to a new business owner. A new business owner applies for a new seller's permit.

What is the security deposit to issue a Seller's Permit for the state of Wisconsin?

WI Department of revenue may request to deposit a security deposit to issue a seller's permit, which is up to $15,000.00 due to prior delinquent tax history.

A security deposit which is made to the Wisconsin Department of revenue to get a sales tax license is refundable in 24 consecutive months if complied according to the WI sales tax guidelines.

The WI department of revenue refuses to issue a seller's permit or revokes in case of sales tax default by an applicant.

Where does a Wisconsin Seller's Permit is posted?

Sales and Use Tax License is posted at the business location prominently where a buyer and a DOR representative can view the valid sales tax certificate which authorizes a vendor to collect sales tax on the taxable goods.

Sales and use tax license of Wisconsin is returned back to Department of revenue along with a final sales tax return if the business has been officially closed.

 How to report and pay Sales and Use Taxes Wisconsin?

WI Sales and Use Tax is paid electronically at the WI DOR website.

Wisconsin sales and use tax return are filed every month. A zero sales tax return is filed if there is no sales or liability due.

State of Wisconsin "Early monthly sales tax filers"  file by the 20th of the month following the end of the reporting period.

Wisconsin sales tax filing frequency is published on a WI DOR website.

What are the Sales and Use Tax Requirement for a Non Resident or an Out of State Seller?

An out of state retailer who is organizing a temporary event in the state of Wisconsin is required to obtain a sales and use tax license.

How to get a duplicate copy of a seller's permit Wisconsin?

A duplicate copy of a lost seller's permit is printed from the Wisconsin department of revenue website without contacting the department.

Use following link for more information about to register Wisconsin Sales Tax or A Reseller Permit.


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Comments (1)
Robert Walter   wrote on : Thu Jul 26th,2018
I am applying for sales and use tax permit. I am filing it out online. Step 13, Registration Summary says I need to add attachment... I am not sure what I need to attach. It will not let me complete. thanks, Bob      View Detail
Reply :
Dear Robert,

There is no requirement to attach any file in order to apply Wisconsin's sales and use tax license. Make sure you are using following form and you get the sales tax license in Wisconsin same day in your email.

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