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Advantages of Incorporating?

Advantages of Incorporating business!
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Posted On : Wed Aug 26th,2009

Advantages of Incorporating business!

What are the advantages to incorporate a business?

Reduces Personal Liability: In most cases owners are not personally liable for the company's losses or debts. Their investments in the registered company are their only financial risk Incorporating helps separate an individual's identity from that of his or her business. Insurance may still be necessary, but incorporation contributes an added layer of protection.

Tax Savings: There are a number of tax benefits for doing business under incorporation. Depending on your business income, incorporating a Corporation could lower your tax rate. Careful planning of entity type can result in lower overall tax rates. Even if your small business is quite profitable, a corporation is entitled to so many deductions. For example, as the owner of a corporation, your salary and those of your employees are tax-deductible for the business.

Reduces Likelihood of an IRS Examination: IRS Form 1040 and Schedule C (Profit or Loss from a Business), particularly of higher gross income levels, is the target of many IRS Audits. Incorporated businesses have a much lower audit rate, even if they have high income levels.

Anonymity: A Corporation can be established in such a way that shareholders/owners remain anonymous. Often this same anonymity can be accomplished for officers and directors.

Adds Credibility: A corporate structure communicates permanence and credibility. Even a company with only one stockholder and employee may incorporate.

Easier Access to Capital Funding : With a corporation, investors are easier to attract through the sale of stock.

Easier Transfer of Ownership: Through the sale of stock, ownership of a corporation may be transferred without substantially disrupting operations. The need for complex legal documentation is also reduced.

Shareholders: Your registered company will include shareholders, and you can take the company public. You can also issue stock or stock options to employees. The shareholders have ownership in the incorporated company, the Board of Directors governs the business, and elected officers manage the day-to-day activities. Registered company must adhere to corporate tax laws and file corporate taxes regularly.

Longevity: The board carries on the corporation, not the owner. That means that a corporation formation can last longer than an owner-based company such as an LLC.



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Comments (1)
Erie Akert   wrote on : Wed May 05th,2010
I have a Sole Proprietorship currently and have been urged to change it to a C Corp. I was told that the tax deductions would be better. I've been in business for 5 years and am starting to make a profit. Which is good for my pocketbook, but isn't so good for my tax liability. I also have a full time job where my employer provides insurance for myself and my family. If I Incorporate I would quit my full time job and work as a subcontractor thus making myself responsible for everything. I would also then have to have a partner/employee. I am eager to grow my business and am concerned if this is the correct next step. Any advice will be accepted.      View Detail
Reply :

If you are just changing your structure to reduce your tax cap then I do not think it is a good idea. If your concern is protection then yes its a good idea. Because as a sole proprietor you are paying taxes on personal level only. If you create a c corporation then you will pay taxes twice on the same income. First on the corporate level then on personal level.

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